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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1967A1306
Collection:Antiquities - Classical Greek & Roman
Date:100 AD - 300 AD


This strange object has 12 pentagonal sides. There is a hole in the middle of each face. Every hole is a different size. On all but one of the corners there is a projecting sphere. Every sphere is a different size. We have no idea what it was used for. Objects like this have been found on Roman sites in Britain, France and Germany. People have suggested that they were surveying instruments; that they were used as candlesticks; that they were used as 12-sided dice (the idea is that they were filled with wax and had numbers written on the wax at the centre of each hole). What do you think?

Purchased from R T Clough.

Further Information

Production Period:Roman


Height:75 mm