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Acrylic Painting - Cycle

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©Peter Sedgley

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1974P6
Collection:Fine Art Paintings and Sculpture
Date:1965 - 1965

Maker Information

Artist:Peter Sedgley - View biography for Peter Sedgley


Sedgley was a professional architect before turning to painting in the early 1960s. He began to explore Op art effects in large paintings of soft-edged concentric circles which appear to pulsate with light and colour. He favoured the circle for its 'anonymity' which allows the sensation of colour rather than the form to command attention.

He made use of contemporary materials, making his own black paint from commercial pigments and resins which were applied with a Devilbliss spray gun. He used masking out to apply the successive layers of colour corresponding to the chromatic scale of the spectrum with white as a neutral spacer. The effect is hypnotic and changes with the movement of the viewer.

Purchased with the assistance of the Friends of Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
School/Style:Op Art
Medium:Paint pigment mixed with polyvinyl acetate on hardboard.
Material(s):Acrylic paint


Height:1600 mm
Width:1600 mm