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Waist Clasp

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1982M244
Collection:Applied Art - Jewellery
Date:1905 c - 1905 c

Maker Information

Medallist:F Rasumny - View biography for F Rasumny
Medallist:A Duseaux & Co - View history


Mrs Anne Hull Grundy donated a large collection of jewellery to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. This was one of a number of donations she made to museums in this country. She purchased numerous buckles and waist clasps, knowing that they reflected aspects of the design of the time in sizes suited for museum showcase display. She was also swayed by the variety of materials employed in the making and particularly liked those set with medallions by the French medallists. Buckles and clasps, when no longer in fashion, could rarely be made into any other form of jewellery, so she was conscious that they represented an historic form unlikely to be revived. This, in turn meant they could be purchased relatively inexpensively at the period in the 1980s when she was putting together what she thought of as her 'Birmingham collection'. This example is of a French silver plated brass buckle set with a medallion stamped with the monogram AD and F Rasumny (1869-1940). The medallist here is A Duseaux & Co.

Presented by Mrs Anne Hull Grundy 1982.

Further Information

Production Period:20th Century
Medium:Silver plated brass.
Material(s):Silver plate
Place of Origin:France


Height:80 mm
Width:105 mm