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Helmet Mask - Ngou Ntangha

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1987A289
Collection:Ethnography - Africa

Maker Information

Maker:Fang people - View history


This mask, called 'ngou ntangha' by the Fang people represents the spirit of a dead person. The mask is used to locate sorcerers, those who misuse spiritual powers. It is also used at other events including feasts, celebrations of birth and funerals. The meaning of the four faces on this mask varies from four spirits, to four stages of life, to four of a person's relatives. The dancer wearing this mask would look out of the small holes and use the long fibers to transform their appearance.

Presented by an anonymous donor, 1987.

Further Information

Production Period:Early 20th century
Place of Origin:Gabon
Place of Excavation:FANG PEOPLE


Height:280 mm
Width:230 mm
Diameter:210 mm