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Sketch Book - No.16, Page 53 - Rough Sketch for a Christmas Card, 21 Fairmead Rise Kings Norton

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Arthur Lockwood

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1995V572.53
Collection:Topographical Views - Lockwood Collection
Date:1956 - 1956

Maker Information

Artist:Frank Taylor Lockwood - View biography for Frank Taylor Lockwood


Frank Taylor Lockwood produced many sketches and paintings of Kings Norton, Acocks Green, Yardley, Sheldon, Harborne, Northfield, and in the 50's and 60's, the inner city. His work focused on the cottages and farms from a rural era, which the majority were now long gone. He began to note the changes occurring in the Southeast of Birmingham in his diaries from the 1930s. His comments demonstrate the extent and the speed in which these areas changed from rural farming communities to the suburban housing estates that we know today. He also commented on his sense of urgency to paint or draw the old farms and houses before they faced the bulldozer.

Presented by Arthur Lockwood and Jean Barnsby.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
Medium:Pencil on paper.

Associated Places


Height:173 mm
Width:274 mm