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Biography for Henry Payne

Also known as:Henry Albert Payne


Husband of Edith Payne née Gere (1875-1959).


Founder of the St Loe's Guild


Henry Payne joined the teaching staff of the Birmingham School of Art in 1889. By 1900, the School had agreed to send him on an informal course of practical instruction at the London studio of Lowndes and Drury, under the direct supervision of Christopher Whall. He had been teaching the desing of stained glass at the School for several years, but there were no facilities for actually making windows there, nor instructing students in the parctical skills involved. By 1904, Payne had established his own premises in Great Western Buildings, Livery Street. In 1909 he moved to Amberley, Gloucs, where he founded the St Loe's Guild. He was succeeded at Birmingham School of Art as instructor in stained glass by his pupil Richard John Stubbington (1885-1966)