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Animal Figurine

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1962A583
Collection:Antiquities - Western Asiatic
Date:3000 BC - 2000 BC


This animal figure was made by simply modelling a lump of mud, pinching the features out of it and leaving it in the hot Iraqi sunshine to dry hard. Such simple figures rarely allow precise identification but sheep, goats, and cows seem to be the commonest forms. Their exact purpose is not known. Some archaeologists think they are votive offerings given to the gods by farmers in an attempt to increase the size and productivity of their flocks and herds. Others find them so crude and simple that they see them as more likely to be children's toys.

Presented by the British Museum.

Further Information

Place of Origin:Ur, Iraq
Place of Excavation:Ur, Iraq


Height:62 mm