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19th Century 'To Hanover' Counter

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1966N542
Collection:Coins & Medals
Date:1837 c - 1870 c


Most 'To Hanover' counters depict Queen Victoria on the obverse. Victoria became Queen of Great Britain in 1837, but because she was a woman she could not become King of Hanover like her predecessors had also been. Her unpopular uncle the Duke of Cumberland went off to Hanover instead, and these counters celebrate his departure. They were made for over 30 years, mainly in Birmingham. In 1871 a new design was introduced on the gold sovereign which closely resembled the To Hanover pieces. Unscrupulous people began to pass the counters as gold coins and their production became illegal under the Counterfeit Medal Act of 1883.

Presented by J Elkins, 1966.

Further Information

Reign:Queen Victoria
Production Period:19th century
Denomination:TO HANOVER COUNTER Birmingham, ENGLAND
Place of Origin:Birmingham, England

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Diameter:21 mm