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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1970A14
Collection:Ethnography - North America
Date:1936 c - 1936 c

Maker Information

Maker:Pueblo - View history


This decorated bowl was made by one of the Pueblo peoples of Arizona, USA, about 1936.Pueblo pottery was traditionally only made and decorated by women. They were handmade without the help of a potter's wheel. Some Pueblo women still make pots today. In almost every village a few make plain kitchenware for their own use. More often the potters will make beautiful decorated ware, each in the style of their own village, and sell them as ornaments or souvenirs.

Presented by Doctor J Eric Thompson, 1970.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
Place of Origin:Arizona, United States of America
Place of Excavation:HOPI


Diameter:260 mm