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18th Century Countermarked Tallero Bank Token, Thistle Bank Glasgow

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1971N642
Collection:Coins & Medals
Date:1790 - 1790


In the years around 1800 there was a serious shortage of silver coins in Britain. To remedy this some businesses countermarked foreign silver coins and put them into circulation as private token
money. The Thistle Bank, founded in Glasgow in 1761, has stamped this silver tallero of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and valued it at four shillings and ninepence sterling (24p). The use of such countermarked tokens was banned in 1813.

Purchased from Bristol City Museum.

Further Information

Reign:King George III
Production Period:Georgian
Denomination:Tallero / countermarked token
Currency:Tuscany / Glasgow
Place of Origin:Tuscany, Italy

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Diameter:41 mm