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Tapestry - Love leading the Pilgrim

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1912M52
Collection:Applied Art - Textiles
Date:1909 - 1909

Maker Information

Designer:Sir Edward Burne-Jones - View biography for Sir Edward Burne-Jones
Maker:Morris & Co - View history
Workshop of:William Morris - View biography for William Morris


This tapestry, Love and the Pilgrim, was made in 1909 by Morris & Co. Martin and Taylor may have been the weavers. Burne-Jones died in 1898, the design and its pair, 'The Pilgrim in the Garden' (Karlsruhe), was based upon his oil paintings. The subject was inspired by The Romaunt of the Rose, a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer. The design had originally been conceived in the 1870s as one of five embroidered panels. The cloaked Pilgrim is being helped from a thicket of brambles by the winged figure of Love, who holds an arrow in her hand.

A photograph of this tapestry is found in the Morris & Co Showroom Catalogue (no.154).

Presented by Mrs Christina Feeney, 1912.

Further Information

Production Period:19th century
Medium:Wool and silk weft on cotton warp.
Place of Origin:England


Height:1500 mm
Width:2635 mm