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Random Objects

Here are some objects from the BMAGiC collections shown at random. Every time you visit or refresh this page a new set of random objects will be displayed.
Click on each of the pictures below to find out more about each object.
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Bottle Vase |Pencil Drawing - Costume Study - An Illustration of a man dated 1300AD from Bonnard's 'Costume Historique' |Button |Wood Sample |Photograph - The Ascension |Postcard - Westminster Road Council Sch Perry Barr |Wood Engraving - O the Lark is Singing in the Sky - Published |Terracota Figure |Snuff Bottle with Stopper and Spoon |Pencil Drawing - Two Studies of Cattle |One of a Pair of Pattens |Watercolour - Lynmouth Harbour |Etching - La Vielle Aux Loques |Button |Fede Ring |Pencil and Chalk Drawing - Le Chant d'Amour - Three Studies of Cupid |Brooch |Netsuke |Chalk Drawing - Sketch of Shipping |Watercolour - Stormy Sea with Castle Ruin and Figures |

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