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Random Objects

Here are some objects from the BMAGiC collections shown at random. Every time you visit or refresh this page a new set of random objects will be displayed.
Click on each of the pictures below to find out more about each object.
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Sketch Book - No.17, Page 15 - Old Buildings - Snow Hill Wharf 1960 |Pencil and Chalk Drawing - Le Chant d'Amour - Three Studies of Cupid |Portable Bookcase |Sculpture - Winged Figure III |Constable's Truncheon |Pencil Drawing - Study for Stained Glass Design - The Battle of Beth-Horon - Male Nude - Study of Joshua |Pencil and Chalk Drawing - Stained Glass Design - Angels and Children |Button |Pencil Drawing - Female - Drapery Study |Watercolour - All Saints Church and the River Don, Rotherham, Yorkshire |Chalk Drawing - Chaucer at the Court of Edward III - Drapery Study for the Black Prince |20th Century Commemorative Medal: Decimalisation 1971/Birmingham Numismatic Society |Watercolour - River Scene With Mountains, probably Lake District |Woodblock - Dalziels' Bible Gallery - Ezekiel and the Boiling Pot |Pencil Drawing - Maria Zambaco - Study |Watercolour - A View of the Grand Walk, Marylebone Gardens |Constable's Truncheon |Watercolour - Still Life with Basket, Foxgloves, Clothes etc |Circular uniface bronze Medal commemorating Jean de Lafontaine. |20th Century Commemorative Medal, Birmingham Centenary/Birmingham Numismatic Society |

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