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Random Objects

Here are some objects from the BMAGiC collections shown at random. Every time you visit or refresh this page a new set of random objects will be displayed.
Click on each of the pictures below to find out more about each object.
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Pencil Drawing, Page from Sketchbook - Sketchbook - Two Studies of draped Medusa for 'The Death of Medusa I' |Pencil Drawing - Tennyson's The Grandmother's Apology - Girl Seated on Floor |Photograph - Portrait of Ford Madox Brown (1821-1893) |Pencil Drawing - Sketch after a Portrait of Head and Shoulders Sketch of a Man |Pencil Drawing - The Song of Solomon - 'Awake, O North Wind!' |Wood Engraving - Love is Enough - upright Border or Sidepiece with foliage entwined around a Pole |Pen and Ink Drawing - Study of a sleeping Cat |Pencil Drawing - Cupid and Psyche - Sketches of Psyche entering the Bath and Hands |Oil Painting - The Long Engagement - Amy |Photograph - Handsworth Self-Portrait - Asian Boy |19th Century 'To Hanover' Counter |Tobacconist's Shop Figure |Pencil Drawing - Study of an Ass from behind |Watercolour - St Luke's Tavern - Lonely St Luke's Tavern |19th Century Advertisement Medal: The Shah of Persia's Visit to the Birmingham Mint |Pencil Drawing - A decorative Letter 'S' and the Monogram 'IAS' |Oil Painting - Caught In The Mirror |Button |Pair of shoes Wata / Madas |Pencil Drawing - Cupid and Psyche - Rough Sketches Cupid flying, Psyche awaiting Cupid |

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