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Bamboo Lime Container

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1930A24.831
Collection:Ethnography - Oceania
Date:1875 - 1925


The decoration on this bamboo lime container, made from a mixture of charcoal and tree sap rubbed into incised lines, resemble local designs used in tattooing and wood carving.Many Melanesians use the lime in a mixture of leaves and nuts which they chew to produce a mild stimulant. This is known as 'betel-chewing' (named after the leaves used). It was usual for people to 'chew' after meals and on numerous other occasions.

Presented by Arthur Wilkins, 1929.

Further Information

Production Period:19th century or 20th century
Place of Origin:Solomon Islands


Height:199 mm
Diameter:65 mm