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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1953F10
Collection:Social History
Date:1790 - 1800


This button is part of the Luckock Collection. Over 500 buttons collected by James Luckock, a jeweller and button maker in St Paul's Square, Birmingham in the 1780s. Dating from between around 1770 and 1830, they were made at a period when Birmingham buttons had an international reputation.The collection is almost entirely composed of buttons made to be worn on men's coats or waistcoats.This mother-of-pearl button is carved with a simple six-petalled flower design and has a gilt boss in the centre. It has a pin shank with drilled brass ring.

Bequeathed by Miss H I Ruddle.

Further Information

Production Period:18th century
Place of Origin:Birmingham, England

Associated People

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Diameter:25 mm