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Terracota Figure

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Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1982A990
Collection:Antiquities - Classical Greek & Roman
Date:600 BC - 500 BC


This heavily stylised female figure, with short, stubby, outspread arms, tall cylindrical neck and beak-like face, was made in Boeotia in the 6th century BC. The front of the body is painted with a combination of horizontal bands, wavy lines, swasikas and dots. Wavy lines and strokes suggest the figure's 'hair'.

Transferred by the Trustees of the Wellcome Trust in accordance with an order of Mr Justice Foster, dated 21 March 1977.

Further Information

Production Period:6th century BC
Place of Excavation:Boeotia, Greece


Height:15.9 cm