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Watercolour - Towards Acocks Green from Yardley - Looking Towards Acocks Green/From Yardley B'ham

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Arthur Lockwood

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Basic Information

Accession Number:1995V420
Collection:Topographical Views - Lockwood Collection
Date:1921 c - 1921 c

Maker Information

Artist:Frank Taylor Lockwood - View biography for Frank Taylor Lockwood


In the 1920's when Frank Taylor Lockwood first moved to Birmingham he produced a few watercolours illustrating the fields and farms around Yardley, Sheldon and Acocks Green. These were topics he continued to write about and paint in the forthcoming decades.When looking at a map of Yardley and Sheldon in the 1920's Lockwood's work illustrates how rural these areas were. A map only ten years later show the blank spaces where fields and meadows once existed, now covered by a network of roads.

Presented by Arthur Lockwood and Jean Barnsby.

Further Information

Production Period:20th century
Medium:Watercolour on board.

Associated Places


Height:272 mm
Width:371 mm